California has spent $ 5 billion on the unclaimed money to citizens

The State of California has collected $ 4.8 billion in the unclaimed money to citizens. Without limitation as to the demand for money and the minimum coverage of the state to account holders, about 900 million dollars in unclaimed money being added each year. Currently the state spends unclaimed money, making them in the state General Fund. Citizens should be informed about the debt they take the money and what it actually is.

In April 2006, the State Controller Steve Wesley said: "The governor and the legislature are using unclaimed assets to cope with the troubles of the state budget, which they created as a result of the blockade and orphan control. This must stop." Currently the state pays about $ 250 million annually for the identified requirements for the property, and the rest is placed in the general fund and spent as if it is money the state.

In an effort to improve the state unclaimed money system, Wesley sponsored bill SB one thousand seven hundred fifty-two that would remove suras & # 39; severe restrictions on the ability of the government to find the owners of the accounts. The bill also separated the unclaimed money to your account, not in the general fund, and the interest earned by the account holder. Wesley added, "I sponsored this bill to change the system and select the unclaimed property is from California politicians and to return it to the people account Forgotten test should not be used to plug holes in the state budget.".

Since the establishment of the draft law in April 2006, the bill SB 1752, the bill is in committee. If the Legislature to postpone the end of the month, without taking on the draft measures, he will die.

Wesley's efforts over the past 3 years the state has increased the unclaimed money. In 2004 it was returned to 177.4 million. Dollars, in 2005, 238.5 million. Dollars, and in 2006 292 million. Dollars. Despite the increase in the annual yield of the found property, unclaimed cash balance is still growing $ 500 million annually after payment requirements! In this case, the speed of the overall funds lost in the next 10 years will amount to $ 10 billion. Minimal effort of the state is not enough to reach almost 8 million owners of unclaimed money accounts.

Create a site, advertising account holders not only in California but across the country. This is a private listing found found increased demands on property.

Nationwide funds lost more than 25 billion dollars.

Most of the people at a certain time delayed contribution to the gas, electric bill. People move and forget about the deposit, but their money, and the electric company does not know where to send it. This money is in breech dyarzhfina in which the property is located, it is not required. This is one of the hundreds of places where money can disappear. Found property can consist of a savings or checking accounts, stocks, shares, dividends, IRS refunds, wages, child support payments, the list goes on.

One inefficiency there is in the state database of the missing money – a man who searches the database to find only money, as reported in this state. In addition, states are limited to what they can do to attract account holders and do not have the budget to advertise the public and inform them of the constantly growing money lost.

Even if a person living in one state, it may be money in the databases of other countries. Insurance Company in New York, which has borrowed money to someone on the policy could put unclaimed money database at the New York State data, irrespective of the place of residence of the recipient. In addition, the unclaimed property can be added to the list of possible variations of names (William Smith may be called W. Smith or Bill Smith). The government did not create a single database to search for unclaimed money.

To fill the inefficiency of the state all in one database has been created. In qualitative research, the database will search all state and federal databases, all possible variations of the name, as well as provide instructions and forms for filing, if the money will be found. These sites also carry a large amount of advertising to the public, telling them about the great likelihood that they or any of their immediate families borrowed money.

Cause when the national sum of unclaimed money is growing every year, this is what people are looking for, whether they have any obligation. It may be money, you have forgotten, or the legacy of a man never knew. People will never know until you look. Simple search could mean a check in your mailbox. – the largest unclaimed money database, which includes all state and federal databases. was created to help owners in search of lightness and requirements of lost funds. The website provides more information about unclaimed money and free unclaimed money search on site

Earthquake in California – psychic prediction

Most of us living in Southern California, knows that a major earthquake could happen in the next 10 years. We are looking to scientists to inform and prepare us for the terrible earthquake strikes.

I would not talk about the "big", which is expected to occur for decades because such predictions tend to spark deeper fears in our already terrible situation in these regions, who ride the earthquake. We have heard and read about the great earthquake, which should take place so much that we became desensibilizavanymi.

There are several dozens of meanings that can be perceived with the psychic visions. That is why they must be regarded as hypothetical in nature, worthy of study and reference, but do not be taken as proven. However, the mental vision of the apocalyptic earthquake in southern California are predicted reputable psychics too often to be ignored and to remind people of the real seismic hazard in the region.

Although I predicted significant earthquake this year in my mental outlook for 2009, a large – about a year or two. I still see 2011 as a pulsating animations within the vision of the main changes of the earth in my home state of California. Dates perceived for months or years, it can be argued that they are of limited value in predicting the time, as we move psychics in your consciousness long intervals, and covers a wide area of ​​places and events. On the other hand, the figures from the 2011 & # 39 are a significant part of the mental vision.

Destruction of the earthquake zones are located throughout California, but the areas on which I see the move in southern California, on the outskirts of San Diego, deserts, from the coast of Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and coastal areas. The value seems to be not so large as the amount of confusion in the destruction and the destruction of buildings, structures, movement of vehicles and machines.

Preparing for earthquakes can be a daily topic, but who among us is ready? Please contact the national CDC for information on how to survive as a result of earthquakes and catastrophes, the more you learn, the better prepared and you just might save the life of someone else.

What kind of California dental insurance can be expected?

California – a huge state with a diverse climate, terrain and population. As you might expect, a variety of options for dental care and insurance are many. Nevertheless, find a California dental insurance for you and your family & # 39; and quite easily.

Among the types of dental insurance can find help from Medi-Cal. DentiCal, or CalWORKS or SSI. It is expected that some people who come to the dentist with these plans will pay part of the costs, others – no.

Be sure to ask you to not be surprised when you get to the dentist. Medi-Cal beneficiary calculate their expenses every month, looking at the net income (after taxes) and calculating what your level is considered "maintenance-free". In addition, you may have to fit a certain threshold of dental and medical costs before assistance is provided. In fact, this is one of the reasons that people buy dental insurance in California because it helps them to reach medical assistance, and the threshold to qualify for aid in Medi-Cal.

If this is confusing, do not be surprised. That is why there are insurance agents. State office, which regulates dental insurance can help you carry out a variety of different programs, which are in California.

For example, in California also has an extensive dental network with different plans, which offer the following benefits:

  • no franchise
  • There are no claim forms
  • Free exam, x-rays and cleaning every 6 months
  • A lot of waiting period
  • There are no restrictions on many pre-existing conditions
  • No yearly highs
  • Some include orthodontic braces for children and adults.

With all these types of features and alternatives to dental insurance, as available throughout California, it's hard to imagine that more Californians' most likely is not insured and are more likely to either not allow himself to cover, or refuse of the previous conditions than people " other industrialized countries and most other countries, "said Anthony Wright with HealthAccess.

One example of this type of lack of insurance with the & # 39 is a dental insurance, known as DentiCal. Recently, in 2009, more than 3 million Californians depend on DentiCal. This includes children, the poor, the elderly and adults with disabilities. Although easy to know that your oral health and overall health are linked, in 2010, funding for this program declined again.

If you already have a dentist for your family & # 39; and and you are comfortable with him / her, you'd better consult examine any dental insurance in California that they provide any honor in his office. It makes much more sense than ever to change dentists. These routine dental visits with the person who knows the health of the mouth and oral cavity, with the & # 39 are a major part of preventive dental care. It is this minimizes the chances of getting the suras & # 39; serious dental problems.

When I lived in California, I did not know anything and just went to the dentist at the recommendation of friends. That's when I learned how to really was expensive to apply to the dentist without insurance.

7 most preferred convention centers in Southern California

Do you think that everyone knows, first check the Southern California when you're looking for a hot spot for the subsequent competition for corporate trainings or instructions. Then they – the greatest place in the world for an incredible conference centers, excellent weather & # 39; I and entertainment. Everybody knows that California – the entertainment capital of the world.

I found a number of conference centers that are definitely better than others in the area, and our team chose them because of pravilizatsyi, hospitality and location.

This is our favorite conference center:

Hotel Bakersfield Marriot –

High service, with well-appointed rooms, excellent food and absolute versions of the conference site. Everyone loved the staff and the quality offered by the hotel Bakersfield Marriot. We all decided that this will be at the top of our recommended list.

Conference and entertainment center of Long Beach –

Features world-class cost-effectively. This broad, multi-purpose conference center has offered more than we could dream of, and handled all the details for our team. With all of today's circumstances, we were delighted with the location and details of our event. The staff are certainly above our expectations.

Monterey Conference Center –

For real-world experience in California, it would be a good recommendation. Although the event was held professionally myazhuyuchy corporate ekstraardynaram, the atmosphere was full-If experience. The best part of the whole adventure had been the night views of Monterrey, representing a full cultural experience. We were pleased with how the California pelicans.

Seaside Convention Center –

Although their website was not particularly user-friendly, we have crossed this little mud and seemed on the whole entourage, relying on planning our promise that we will be surprised. Comfortable impression may have been more than a reality, but we were well maintained and the atmosphere was more than welcoming and comfortable. Everything happened on time and our team's project was successful. We recommend the conference center Riverside others.

San Diego Convention Center –

Town and city a world-class scale – all these memories, when I think about our event in San Diego. Fully impressed with this place. They offered everything you need, and made our most unexpected requests. We were completely satisfied with the convention center and often turn to him.

Convention and on the cultural & # 39; sites in San Jose –

While planning our event among the many planned activities has become a problem, but this is another favorite place. VYALICHNAE venue with plenty of amenities to four hours when we were there, and is a great place. Definitely among our favorite places.

Center Pasadena –

Visiting another event, we were not sure at the center of the planning process, but we had a great time there as a guest. While it is always an exciting event location, we also feel the fun of the event and amenities as the guest. We will definitely keep this in mind.

In each of these places may be limited by the cost and number, but the 7 best one for Southern California include these seven places. If you plan to travel for corporate events, you can also go to the place where the weather is & # 39; e is working, and people are friendly and hospitable. Set your sites in Southern California, and let me make something exciting.

Winter camping California

You can not resist the appeal of wildlife? It seems that summer is too far away to wait to get to the open world? Many who think of camping as a summer, but for many of us, it simply can not wait six months before you get to freedom. Fortunately, California has many wonderful places to spend hiking in the winter months. Winter camping, tend to be cheaper and less crowded than camping in the summer, and you can also experience the California quite differently.

California blessed us outdoor enthusiasts a variety of different landscapes and climates. And while high syarry covered with snow, Mojave Desert and the Pacific Coast urge tourists to come and experience the beauty of their winter. The beach is usually the best place to escape the cold winters due to internal average temperature tested all year round. Of course, for the real adventurers there is also a possibility for the origin of the snow at the higher elevations, so why not combine a ski trip to Camping? No matter where you choose, these places are just beautiful, but very few people felt this beauty in winter. They urge you to visit!

Angel Island – Northern California / San Francisco Bay Area

As a resident of the Bay, I love Angel Island … if it is not crowded. It's a quick trip for those who are in the Sacramento area of ​​the Gulf, and from the absolutely spectacular views of San Francisco Bay, including the San Francisco skyline, Golden Gate Bridge, the bridge over the bay and a view of the Tyburon and Sausalito. Rain and fog there for winters in the Bay Area, but compared to the rest of Northern California, the average temperature is pleasant. Over the past five years we have seen a very dry winter due to the terrible drought that we feel, but this year the El Nina has poured rain throughout the state, so expect wet out & # 39; I, if you decide to visit the island angel. winter. From December to March, daily high temperatures average 56-61 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime lows average 41-45 degrees Fahrenheit, so it really is not too much difference between night and day. The eastern part of the island is better protected from the ocean breeze, but on the west side overlooking the first series of strange moves under the bridge "Golden Gate". Sites East Bay and the sunrise is located on the eastern side of the island near Fort McDowell. Sazhalniki ridges and kayaking camp located on the western side of the island near the camp Reynolds. For more information on camping read the pamphlet and a park map from the park website. Please note that some of the information is outdated, but the majority remains relevant.

To get to the island Angel – is half the fun of the trip. Public ferries run from Tyburona via ferry to Angel Island and pier 41 and the ferry built in San Francisco in the Blue and Gold Fleet. Tickets for adults are $ 15 from Tyburona and $ 9 in San Francisco. These rates also include the entrance fee to the park. Please note that during the winter months, these ferries run only on weekends, so the earliest you can get to the island on Saturday morning, and the latest you can stay on Sunday night when you do not plan to stay the whole week. But there are other options! You can use your own private boat or borrow a friends. Or, if you're like me and do not own a boat, you can rent a private boat or take a water taxi Tideline. Tideline – this is a great option, it is quite expensive, but still cheaper than renting a boat and provides the most individual schedule and service, so you will not be limited to the schedule of ferry traffic.

Big Sur – Central Coast

Big Sur on the central coast of California – an absolute gem. It embodies all of the beautiful California rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Of the hundreds of species of hiking, husky trails and miles of beaches, Big Sur has everything. And due to its proximity to the ocean it is relatively average, in winter, the average high temperature from December to March range between 60-63 degrees Fahrenheit and the average lowest temperature of approximately 43 degrees fahrenheit. As always, in the winter you should be prepared for rain, heavy fog and ocean winds. Easy sur very busy in the summer months, but during the winter the crowd dispersed, leaving you with miles of empty beaches and trails to explore.

Perhaps the most amazing part of winter camping in Big Suri – is the ability to watch the majestic gray whales that migrate between Alaska and California. From December to early February, you can see whales, which migrate to the south, and in February you can migrate north with their newborn calves. It really is once in a lifetime opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Big Sur has a lot of camping, which can be found here. For those of you looking for a little warmer, and convenience, I would suggest one of the campgrounds with cabins, for example, Big Sur Camp Campings and Cabins or the Riverside Campground. Both of these campsites also offer a variety of tents and houses voyage, in addition to places of residence in the cockpit. Another recommendation for the tent and the tent camps for the rest – it's camping Kirk Creek. Kirk Creek – a great campsite located on a huge cliff overlooking the ocean. Because of its open space, he is sensitive to the strong wind and moisture, so be prepared for this if you decide to stay there.

Lake Tahoe – the mountains of Northern California / Sierra Nevada

For those who want to really get through the winter, while snow camping on the shore of Lake Tahoe is right for you. In the summer months, Lake Tahoe – one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. In the winter months this is one of the most popular mountain destinations in the world. Basically Lake Tahoe strange, and everyone wants to go there no matter what month it is.

State Park, Sugar Pine Point on the west shore of Lake Tahoe offers the best of both worlds. Camp – one of the only campgrounds in the region, is open during the winter months for the origin of the snow, and it is conveniently located just minutes from some of the biggest mountain resorts in the world. Resort Homewood (8 minutes), resort Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows (32 minutes), resort Heavenly Mountain (45 minutes) and Northstar California resort (50 minutes) located one hour of the town. Camping Sugar Pine – is also a great choice for all your snow holiday-makers as it is far from the road, so all services are available nearby.

Sugar Pine Point State Park also offers some of the best ski ski and snowmobile trails, which can offer the region Lake Tahoe, all with easy access from the campsite. In fact, it is these trails are used for biathlon and cross country skiing at the Winter Olympics 1960 in Skva Valley.

And if you're still not going to campaign tent in the snow, you always have the opportunity to find some amazing local cabs to stay. Airbnb – your best choice to order one of them.

Mt. State Park, San Jacinto – Southern California Mountains / San Jacinto Mountains

Snow camping are also readily available in Southern California in the beautiful mountains. State Park, San Jacinto. Idyllwild Park offers hiking year-round. Tent tent and travel are invited to start / start service from November to March. Camping is less than three hours from both Los Angeles and San Diego, which makes it an excellent option for those looking for a weekend escape from the city life. Classes in the snow and a sled – it's very popular activities in the park in the winter months.

There is a lot that can be done in a state park and around. Including a visit to various parts of the national monument of the mountains of Santa Rosa and San Jacinto or hike on the part of the Pacific Grebnitskih way. You can even spend a day riding on the world famous Aerial Tramway Palm Springs, which carries you to the ranks of the canyon near Palm and is nearly 6,000 feet up the mountain station.

Death Valley National Park – Southern California / Mojave Desert

Death Valley is quite strange. July 12, 2012 Furnace Creek National Park in death valley beaten temperature record when the lowest temperature was 103 degrees Fahrenheit, a world record tied to the highest temperature in the lowest day. Then, 10 July 2013 Furnace Creek broke another heat record high temperature 134 degrees Fahrenheit (!!!), breaking the American record set earlier in 1913. Needless to say that you have won in these hellish temperatures. during the winter months, in fact, Death Valley just nice in the winter. Average high temperatures from December to March range from 67 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, average minima from 38 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since Death Valley is in the desert, it is sensitive to large variations in temperature, while the minima fall below the night. Here, camping in the desert in the winter are more different from camping in the winter beach. In the desert, temperatures can fluctuate dramatically from day to night, while close to the temperature of the ocean have remained relatively stable.

Tent camping and hiking are available in the park Furnace Creek RV and Fiddler & # 39; s Campground for $ 18 per night or in Mesquite Spring for $ 12 per night. Both campgrounds have filling stations for garbage and restrooms. For tent campers, you can stay at campsites or Emigrants Wildrose. (Note: Wildrose accepts any vehicle up to 25 feet, the immigrant is in the tent-only campsites)

Joshua Tree National Park – Southern California / Mojave Desert

Another great place in the desert of Southern California – Joshua Tree National Park. Park readily available, is only about 2.5 to 3.5 hours from Los Angeles (depending on the rate of motion). Like Death Valley, Joshua Tree in the desert in the middle of the desert, so while in the summer months it can be brilliant, very nice in the winter. The average high temperature in January to March is between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low temperature of 35 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. A list of all campsites in Joshua Tree National Park, see here. Camping in the northern part of the park I suggest camping Jumbo Rocks, which costs $ 15 per night and a & # 39 is a first come / first service. Camping Jumbo Rocks no water and only pit latrines, so be prepared. For those looking for a campsite in the southern part of the park, I suggest Cottonwood Campground $ 20 / night, which has a landfill, water and toilets.

Now you understand that camping in California – this summer, and winter activities. There are many amazing places you can hide in the winter, even if there is snow on the ground. Use cheaper payments, shorter terms of booking and campsites blank until you can before the end of winter. Camping in California never take breaks for seasons!

Now it's time to go there and experience what it has to offer winter camping in California! Be warm, be safe and be camping in California!

Etymology and Demography County of Sonoma, California

Etymology – the study or science of words, their history, their origins, their sources, the time period in which they turned it into a specific language or set of languages ​​and under any circumstances, as well as the development and the transformation of their meanings. Demography, on the contrary, – is the study or science of a very important statistical information about the community, population, community or nation. Demography – this is the part of human history, which affects more precisely the mathematical account of births, adoptions, deaths, diseases, immigration and emigration, marriages, divorces, and so on.

Due to the obvious fact that the human population uses language to name objects, events, situations, and everything else, and because each society accepts or formulates words based on their life experiences, philosophies, traditions and cultures, I contend that etymology and demography go hand in hand.

I'm going to introduce you to the etymology of California and Sonoma in the context of demographic markers of territory that we know today as Sonoma County in northern California. Let's start with more education – California. The etymology of "California" has two very different theoretical assumptions, which are based on the Spanish language, spoken by the regions, which take military and missionary forces of Mexico and Spain. One of the assumptions alleged that California was named Kontoes German, Spanish conqueror of Mexico, on behalf of the Queen of the Caliph, who reigned over a legendary island mentioned in ancient Greek mythology. The second and more likely presumption asserts that California was named by early Spanish settlers, who responded to the intense heat of the region, and called it Caliente Fornalla, which in Spanish means "hot stove", and later no one knows exactly when it turned into Kalenfornu and then to California.

The first known mention of a place called California was made in romance novels under the name "La Sergas de Esplandian", which was written and published in 1510 by the Spanish author named Garcia Ardonez de Montalvo.

Etymological explanation Sonoma County name based on translations from tribal languages ​​and Coast Miwok Indians Poma. These languages ​​are very similar, and in translation from the English language are the word "Sonoma" means "valley of the moon" or "many months". According to ancient legends of these native Indian tribes, this area is where the moon chose its permanent nesting. The first known records where Sonoma was mentioned in writing, were the pages of magazines baptisms, and they date back to the 1816 first translated version of the "Valley of the Moon" with the & # 39 appeared in the correspondence written by General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo to the State of California Ligislatura in 1850. Jack London, the famous American writer, brought to the attention of the public Sonoma translation in English, if the novel "The Valley of the Moon" published for the first time well-received in 1913.

Another school of etymologists came up with another theory, based on the fact that there are two very common suffixes in the native languages ​​of Sonoma County, and it is: "tso", which means "land" and "noma", which means "village". Assemble the two and you get "tsonoma" in the English translation of "Village Earth".

Well, you have it; etymology and demography of Sonoma County as part of the State of California in a nutshell.

According to the study, the cost of alcohol abuse is much higher than drug abuse in California

Abuse and misuse of alcohol and drugs may have different effects not only on the people who make it their seven & # 39; and, but also on society as a whole. One of the main consequences of a & # 39 is a financial burden. In addition, it is in the field of health complications and a concern for public safety, alcohol and drugs are the United States billions of dollars annually.

As the impact of the economic expense of these substances is very Var & # 39; iruetstsa from one place to another. In fact, alcohol abuse costs relatively more than the cost of drug abuse in most US counties, as studies related to economic and social costs of alcohol and drug abuse, as a rule, carried out at the state and national levels, it allows policy makers. better assess the issues that are in their jurisdiction, and to develop countermeasures.

Indeed, this study under the guidance of the author Ted Miller and was conducted at the Center for Research and Evaluation, Pacific Institute of prevention figured out the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse in California and was published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research (ACER).

Alcohol abuse in California in 2010 was worth 129 billion dollars

The study highlighted the economic burden of the opening to the problems associated with alcohol and drugs, money California taxpayers in all 58 counties, and 50 medium-sized cities. It has been found that the problems associated with alcohol, are more common and more expensive than a drug problem in California. Moreover, both the costs and the effects were significantly different from place to place. Some other findings:

  • While the problems associated with alcohol, worth 129 billion dollars, which is 3450 dollars for every Californian in the same year, the problems associated with the drug, worth 44 billion.

  • The highest price of alcohol per capita (7819 dollars) was more than three times less per capita (in 2588 dollars). Among the counties with the problems associated with the drug, the cost per capita Var & # 39; iravavsya ranging from 608 to 3786 dollars.

  • Indicators of problems with alcohol and drugs were higher in California cities. Highest price problems with alcohol per capita in the city amounted to 10,734 dollars, which is 11 times higher than in the city with the lowest cost. Among cities, the highest price per capita related problems, was 7,159 dollars the drug, which is almost 19 times higher than in the city with the lowest cost.

Accordingly, the disintegration of alcohol and costs associated with the following drugs:

  • Accidents and accidents under the influence of alcohol worth $ 26 billion in 2010.

  • Of the $ 10 billion in costs associated with the use of violence associated with drug use, 73 per cent is alcohol and the remaining 27 percent – for drugs.

  • Of the 127 billion dollar costs associated with other diseases and injuries, 73 percent of the costs were related to problems associated with alcohol. Similarly, 82 percent of the cost of $ 4 billion related to non-violent crimes occur in drug abuse.

  • 74 per cent of the $ 2 billion related to the cost of care falls on the problems associated with the drug.

The study's authors believe that the data can help policymakers and help the state in the planning and allocation of resources to the problems of drug abuse. In addition, this study provides an important tool to predict and prevent problems associated with alcohol and drugs, as well as an important way to build a localized cost estimates.

According to Dr. Miller, "effective financing prevention, drug use and the treatment depends on the understanding of alcohol changes and other drug problems from place to place Since the estimated cost of the & # 39;. Combine data on many issues of health and wellness, they provide effective work understandable and comprehensive measure to use in understanding how the company forms its distinctive social environment and to monitor the effectiveness of our intervention strategies. "

Avoid death traps

In 2010, problems with alcohol and drugs, have led to the death of 22 281 and 5533 people. In addition, for crimes related to alcohol and drugs, have led to the deaths of 350,000 and 164,000 respectively. These large and restless amounts refer to only one of the 50 US states, which indicates a much greater scale of the problem.

As government incentives work in California

Government incentives related to any regular long-term benefits from the government. This can be in the form of state pension benefits for low-income children, car & # 39; EASURES, disability or illness.

Virtually all states provide state benefits to its citizens. It is given to assist the disabled and less fortunate.

Only in California about a thousand laws were passed, which provided financial incentives for its citizens. Here are some of them:

California CalWORK

It is a social program that provides cash assistance and services for low-income seven & # 39; California ads. The program serves all 58 counties of the state. This is done at the local level, county welfare departments. Something & # 39; I, which applies and is entitled to this law, every month receives an allowance for housing, food and other necessary expenses.

Requirements for this Law

To qualify for this benefit program, you must:

  • A resident of the State of California
  • Pregnant or responsible for a child up to 19 years
  • US citizen
  • citizen
  • legal alien
  • resident
  • Low or very low income
  • unemployed
  • Unemployed or about to become unemployed

Poor seven & # 39; and can ask for help at any office in any county where they live.

The California program is food stamps

California Food Stamps – is a program that is funded by the federal, which helps people to buy the necessary food for health. Food stamps – only a portion of their food budget; they should spend some of their own money to buy food for a month.

qualification requirements in accordance with this Act

In order to qualify for this law, you must be a resident of the State of California and must be in one of these two groups:

  • With the current balance of the bank under 2,001 dollars
  • With the current balance of the bank in the amount of up to $ 1001 which divided the house with a man older than 60 years or a disabled person.

California head start

This national program, run by the Bureau of Senior Minister in the administration of children, youth and family & # 39; and children and seven administration & # 39; ads, and the Department of Health. It provides comprehensive services for the development of children from birth to entry into primary school. This program is designed to address the children's development goals, the purpose of employment and self-sufficiency for adults as well as parents to support their work and care about the role of the child.

to the law requirements

To qualify for this law, you must:

  • A permanent citizen of the State of California
  • The father or the initial years of the teacher responsible for a child who is too young for public school
  • Annual household income tax should not exceed 10,400 USD, if you have one person

Seven healthy & # 39; and in California

This law is a & # 39 is the lowest insurance for California children and adolescents. It provides health, dental and visual coverage to children who do not have insurance and are not eligible for free medical care.

Requirements for this Law

In order to qualify for this law, you must:

  • A resident of the State of California
  • Up to 19 years
  • Not covered by health insurance
  • US citizen
  • citizen
  • legal alien
  • resident
  • With an annual income tax of households less than 26 thousand dollars

Popular real estate investment strategies California

California real estate investment – this is a difficult market for sophisticated investors, not to mention beginners. Due to the banking crisis, the Golden State was at the bottom of the spiral acquisition ransoms. However, this has opened the door for investors to buy property well below market.

California real estate investment can become profitable practice while investors need time to familiarize themselves with the area. In several markets we have witnessed a decline in housing prices by 40 percent. Today, investors can find affordable homes in areas such as Malibu, where prices were often prohibit to produce a positive cash flow.

housing prices really began to grow in the inland areas, such as San Diego, Los Angeles and San Bernardino. Investors who seek real estate in these areas should develop a strategy now to take advantage of lower prices.

To make money with the help of investment in California, investors should take time to learn about the market conditions and available on the & # 39; sites. This is especially important when investors plan to use the property as a rental house or the owner of the proposals will provide financing options.

For investors, it is very important to get an education under the laws of the lessor and the lessee as in California are some of the toughest in the country. A good place to start with & # 39 is the site of the California Department of Real Estate. Visitors can find information related to the Rent Act, compliance with the rules, as well as download directories and various forms of real estate.

Investors who are just beginning, should consider working with a real estate attorney to develop a lease or purchase. Those who unknowingly breaks the law or does not meet the rent regulations may threaten large fines.

According to the US Census, nearly half a million people move to California each year. This gives ample opportunity for investors to achieve positive cash flow. The key to success – to understand the needs of new residents.

Investors who plan to rent or sell houses seven & # 39; pits should place property in a very sought-after school districts. Those who focused on the renting of white collar workers, want to invest in homes located close to the airport and the interstate system. Time to find out that the newly transplanted residents can help investors to attract long-term tenants.

Offering owner will finance, allowing investors access to a large number of people who want to purchase a home but can not qualify for bank loans. Many believe that creative financing is illegal, but it is far from the truth.

Economic conditions do qualify for the mortgage housing is almost impossible if there is no ideal loan borrowers. Many Californians want to buy a house, but not eligible for funding due to deficiencies in the credits. Investors can offer solutions, offering real estate options within the lease or the seller to return the mortgage.

The rent has become a popular option as customers can stay in the house as a tenant, working on a possible purchase. Investors can sweeten the deal, fixing the purchase under the agreement. Since the average appreciation rate in California is 9 percent, the house will be worth more when buyers will be able to obtain financing.

Seller transfers mortgage loans due to the fact that acts as a mortgage financier for partial or full financing. If the proposed partial financing, buyers take a mortgage loan, and the sellers return the remainder of the purchase price. If full funding is proposed, sellers provide credit for several years, until the buyers do not receive the right to obtain a bank loan.

California real estate investment continues to offer the opportunity to make a profit, but this requires inventiveness and awareness of market conditions. It may be advantageous to work with a realtor or set up a network with other investors who have trusted the experience of buying homes in Gold Stein.

What is the bill of the new American Assembly bill AB 139 to transfer the case of death?

Die in California is expensive!

If you die and can not be called exempt at his home in California, he will have to go through a will. Prabatsyya – it is an expensive process that can cost up to $ 30,000 of your home. It is deducted from your property and does not go to your children or grandchildren (beneficiaries).

In addition to $ 30,000, of the Probate there are 2 problems:

  • A lot of time, because it can take up to 2 years
  • Each private matter your family & # 39; and made publicly available


Traditionally, living trust created to build confidence.

Now, with the January 1, 2016 may be another option. The California Assembly 139 or AB 139 as is commonly known, allows Californians to name a beneficiary on a new legal instrument created under the name TOD "Translation to death" (also known as the "death of transmission."

Unfortunately, for this is a miniature window, since the law passed five years January 1, 2021.

More than 20 states already have such a process, including the entry into Nevada.

To do this, you will need to have a lawyer to prepare this rather complex shape. You can simply call your child (recipient) directly into the form. The form must be written within 60 days from the date of execution, otherwise it is invalid.

But what happens if the recipient dies before you?

The California program about death is paltry !

It is also useless if you take the title as joint tenants or as the property of the company with the right to survival, because the title is transferred to the surviving person automatically to the beginning of a new act of transfer.

In fact, a living trust – much peravzyhodny document because it allows you to do a number of things that can not:

  • Call contingent beneficiaries,
  • Stage distribution to minors,
  • What are the health agent
  • call guardian
  • What are conservative.

Let's examine the incremental distribution. When a living trust, in contrast to the TOD case, you can leave money to your children in stages or phases that they have not lost all at once. for example:

  • 25% of the money to them after the end of the training (you can even put it on the average rating)
  • 25%, if they are married, turns 30 years old
  • 25% when they buy their first home
  • Balance distributions at age 35

Of course, this is only an example. You can set up your living trust distribution anyway. Unfortunately, the new act of receiving the transfer does not allow it.

Contingent beneficiaries let you leave money on the queue when the first person dies. This for me is another sura & # 39; oznaya problem with the new statute.

For example, when the living trust, unlike a charitable deed, you can:

  • Leave named Jack and Jill, two of your children.
  • When Jack died, the money could go to Jack's children. (C act TOD, the money will go only to Jill).
  • When Jack and Jill die, it may be a college fund or stepwise distribution as in the example above.

As a new form of CA AB139 transfer the shape of receiving death – it's the same price as that of a living trust, be sure to compare them.

If you have two weeks of life and one child, TOD act may be the fastest way, but in almost all other scenarios, it is not enough that people need.