A request for a beneficiary in California in accordance with Article 2943 of the Civil Code

The topic of this article – to send an application for the application to the lender in California in Section 2943 of the Civil Code. Section 2943 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus in the relevant part states that the request can be sent at any time record of default on the security and trust of the contract notice. The request must be sent before the notification was recorded on the sale. The request must be sent as soon as possible after the owner of the default home that the homeowner could carefully examine the documents. Waiting too long to send the request can be a costly mistake.

A request must be sent to the address specified in the last statement. Sending the request by certified mail, an application for the return that you want to copy to another trustee, with & # 39 is a good idea, but not specifically required by law.

Every home owner in California, which is currently the default or close to default the loan, which provides them with housing, should suras & # 39; ozna consider seeking the recipient's statement from your lender to provide them with all the information and documents described in section 2943 civil Code. . Often lenders retain inaccurate recording and the owner of the house can detect inconsistencies or errors in the documents or information received from the lender. This can greatly help in identifying possible remedies, such as incorrectly credited payments, unauthorized charges, etc.

The law also requires that the creditor must provide certain specified information within 21 calendar days of the beneficiary statement, including the amount of the unpaid balance and interest rate. It should also be given a true, correct and complete copy of the notes of any changes.

A copy of the trust or mortgage can also be requested simultaneously with the application of the recipient, which allows you to revise the document.

The lender may be liable to the person who asks a statement for all the damages that they may suffer as a result of failure if they willfully have not prepared and did not give a statement to the recipient; they are the sum of 300.00 dollars responsibility, even if the actual losses were not injured.

To view all the text in section 2943 of the Civil Code of California or any other section of the California Code, please visit: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes.xhtml

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Stan Burman