Section one thousand one hundred seventy-nine Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Belarus on the application for exemption from renting in California

Section one thousand one hundred seventy-nine Code of Civil Procedure – application for release from seizure rent in California – the theme of this article. This petition is made in accordance with the provisions of the 1179 Civil Procedure Code of Belarus on the basis of hardship and can be used to get help in case of withdrawal of the lease or rental agreement, written or oral.

Section one thousand one hundred seventy-nine Code of Civil Procedure, in pertinent part, that "the court may release the tenant from the confiscation of a lease or lease, written or oral, and stopped or no property name and restore his or her or her former property or lease space in case of trouble, as provided for in section 1174. "

The Party has submitted a request for release from seizure of the lease or rental in accordance with Section 1179, must contain a declaration with detailed facts that confirm their claims of misfortune, and his assertion that any infringement was not willful or dishonest. Tenants who do not pay the rent due to the loss of work, but they now have the money to pay the entire rent and all other losses and expenses that are included in any decision, there is a good argument for exemption from seizure, especially if they can show the that they always paid the rent on time, before losing their jobs, and now they are again employed, and now plan to pay rent.

Noticed an application for release from seizure of the lease or rental shall be filed and served at least five (5) calendar days before the hearing, although in some cases the application may be made orally.

California Court of Appeal ruled that the court has a broad right of freedom of opinion, to rid the tenant from confiscation and return them to the old house in the cases plight. The law is absolutely not cancel withdrawal. The court shall impose the conditions laid down by law, such as the full payment of the rent that is due or the full compliance with all conditions and covenants of the lease or rental agreement.

Exemption from seizure is likely to be given if a landlord can be located in the same position as if the violation has occurred. The reason for this with the & # 39 is that the size of the withdrawal in fact intended to ensure payment of a sum of money. If the money is paid, with interest, the true purpose of withdrawal will be executed.

The courts may also exercise their just powers and balance stocks, allowing them to take into account all the relevant circumstances, for example if there was a violation of the tenant's willful or abusive, or a landlord acted in good faith or in bad faith, etc.

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