How to get an order for child support soon in California

Getting an accelerated procedure for the maintenance of children in California – is the theme of this article. California Family Code gives a very useful method of obtaining the operational order for child support, in some cases without a hearing. This means that there can be obtained an order for child support much faster than the traditional way of giving an order to show cause or notice of motion. Appropriate ordinances contained in section 5 California family code, particularly in sections 3620 by 3634.

The forms that are used with the & # 39 are the official forms FL-380 Judicial Council for FL-three hundred and eighty-second See. Below is a website where you can download the form and fill.

The procedure discussed in this article, allows the participant to provide, and then apply for an accelerated procedure for alimony, and then receive expedited order for child support, in some cases without a hearing, provided that the other party does not mind. And even if there is a hearing, they should be held no more than 30 days of the filing of an answer, although the financial crisis in California, some courts may not strictly adhere to the time limits.

Application forms should be provided to other parties personal service or otherwise, available in sections 415.10 and 415.40 inclusive of the Civil Procedure Code.

If the participant who has submitted an application and supporting documents did not provide a timely response and when the notice of the hearing is not given as provided in Section 3627 of the Family Code, a resolution on emergency support shall take effect as provided in Section 3624 of the Family Code. benefits that are provided to the defendant, as provided by section 473 of the Civil Procedure Code or any other help available at law or in cases of own funds in accordance with Section 3628 of the Family Code.

Any order after the hearing shall take effect no later than 30 days after the filing of the answer to the application for expedited order on the support, and can come into force from the date of submission of the application in accordance with the sectional Section 3632 of the Family Code.

Order entered by this method may be modified or terminated at any time on the same basis as any other order for the child, in accordance with Section 3633 of the Family Code.

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